Girl's Cakes

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Hat Cake

Handbag cake

Stand up Bear with small package

Multicolored Basket Weave to match an Easter Basket

Pink Purse with makeup mirror and lip gloss

Small Castle Cake

Large Castle Cake

Hula Girl Cake

Yellow Hat Cake

Purple Tea Pot and Cups

Pink Tea Pot and Cups

Smiley Face Cake

Cheetah in Basket cake

Dauschaund in a Basket Cake view 1

Sandal Cake

Dauschaund view 2

Orange and Pink Sandals

Pink and Green Purse

Wizard of Oz - Emerald City and Poppy Field

Pink and Purple Purse

Wizard of Oz Cake

3 Tiered Pastel Cake

Flower Teapot Cake

Flower Tea Cup

Another Wizard of Oz cake

Rock Star Cake

Sweet Sixteen Topsy Turvy Cake

Swimming Pool Cake

Unicorn Cake